Whether this is your first mortgage or you are refinancing an existing loan Smart Options can help you get the best deal from the banks and save you significant amount of money on the repayment.

Smart Options provide a range of services to help you successfully navigate through the jungle of Israeli mortgages. We work together with you to decide which are the best mortgage types, how much of mortgage burden you can afford and help obtain the best deals at the bank, saving you time and money.

Why use a mortgage consultant?

A mortgage is one of  the biggest financial decisions you will make and therefore requires a good understanding of the process and how to best leverage this to fit your financial needs now and in planning for the future.

The world of Israeli mortgages is complex and with so many options to choose from it can seem confusing and daunting. 

It is often difficult to understand and decide which is best option or which combination is the best. Even deciding how much of a mortgage to take and how much down payment to pay may be an issue. It also requires much time to meet with different mortgage banks to get their offers, compare them and then the skills to  negotiate.

Our  mortgage consultants take much of the worry out of this. They can explain the processes, the pluses and minuses  of each option, help you collect all the documentation required for meeting with the bank, and help position you in the best way for the meetings with the bankers. In consultations with you, our consultant helps you decide which are the best routes for you, based on your financial, personal and professional situation, determine how long a mortgage to take.


Consulting Options

Smart Options offers several consulting routes depending upon your needs, understanding of the market and willingness/ability to do the running around.

  1. CBH - Consulting by the hour. Building an appropriate mortgage portfolio including the mortgage combinations and durations and compiling the financial papers for the bank, which the customer takes with him/her.  This option is intended people who intend to do attend the meetings and do most of the legwork and negotiating but who need help in deciding which is mortgage routes and downpayments are most appropriate for them.*


  1. CCP – Complete consulting package. for the customer from the first meeting until after the signing of the mortgage.

This is how it works:

  1. First meeting: Review the financial details of client to determine how best to obtain a mortgage and how to best position the client for the bank meetings. This may require several follow up meetings, depending upon the financial position of the customer.
  2. 2nd meeting: Smart Options consultants schedule meetings with the customer at the various mortgage banks and obtain initial confirmation to provide a mortgage to the customer. Negotiations are initiated.
  3. c.3rd meeting: Smart Options consultants build the customized mortgage package and review with customer. This includes the pros and cons of the various types (ie fixed, prime, dollar based, shekel based….), recommended durations and pay back amounts. There is no need for the customer to conduct these discussions with the banks.
  4. From here on in, Smart Options conducts all the negotiations with the banks, in consultation with the customer, until the best offer is obtained and accepted by the customer and the mortgage is executed.
  5. Upon completion of the deal Smart Options provide  a full report to the customer of the process and considerations together with recommendations for consideration of refinancing in the future.

In addition to saving the customer significant time and aggravation, Smart Options expects to save the customer between 10% and 30% of the money spent during the lifetime of the mortgage- resulting from the correct positioning of the customer, accurate building of the mortgage package, and the outstanding negotiation capabilities of the team.






*The company does not guarantee any cost savings via this route since the banks meetings and negotiations are conducted entirely by the customer.


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