We offer tailored consulting for all your real estate transactions, smoothing and expediting the process and saving you money through improved mortgage rates. Whether you are a first time buyer, investor or just refinancing an existing mortgage, we customize our services to your needs. Our proven success rate relies on our long term contacts in the banking industry and our accumulated knowledge of correct loan composition all personalized for you. We also deal with the high stakes negotiations with the mortgage lender, and provide real added value.


After buying a house, planning for retirement is the next biggest financial decision most people make. Yet, for most people, the seeming complexity of establishing and maintaining a retirement plan can seem overwhelming and so people tend not to make any changes to what they already have. Many pension consultants are connected to big corporations and benefit by referring clients. We are totally independent and do not receive any direct or indirect profits from the pension firms. Our consulting is objective, and is geared to finding the best retirement strategic plan, for your personal needs and constraints.

Wealth Management

Financial Risk Management is a broad family of professional services, including: Wealth Management, Asset Valuation, Financial Derivatives and Corporate Financial Management. Our team delivers client-specific solutions that increase organizational effectiveness and operational excellence. We are committed to delivering needed financial consulting services, tailored to our clients’ needs. Our well established boutique firm uses the wide range of tools in both financial inter-markets and intra-market circumstances to give our clients a real Smart Option in risk management and financial derivatives. We aim to give our clients peace of mind about their investments through our expertise, experience, and collaborative partnerships with your other advisors.

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